6 things to consider in your family room designNow that you’ve decided to act on your dream of constructing the perfect family room, it’s time to iron out the details. First, you’ll have to figure out the use of this room. For example, do you want to use it for entertainment, family time, or a fun combination? After you’ve decided your plan, the individual puzzle pieces of the finished product will fall into place. With that said, there are a few things you need to think about when you’re designing this fantastic space.

  • Keep with the Style of Your Home Make sure that the family room addition matches the exterior of your home. Stay with the same siding and roofing materials so that your home looks put-together. As for the inside, you’ll also want to stick with the same flooring used throughout the nearby areas for seamless transitioning.
  • Get some Fresh Air Since you’re probably taking away precious lawn space, consider adding a door leading from the family room to the outside. Maybe you can even add a patio that will suit your family’s needs for indoor and outdoor entertainment.
  • Think Big Windows Having big windows to let natural light inside is a great way to reduce energy costs, especially if they are specifically designed for energy efficiency. You can even put in a couple skylights for added attraction.
  • Insulation If you’ve got children or are someone who likes peace and quiet at bedtime, you may want to consider insulating both the inside and outside walls of this family room. This will help reduce noise to other parts of the house during action-movie nights or those crazy holiday parties.
  • Outlets If you know there will be plenty of electronics used in your family room, it may be wise to think about how many outlets you’ll need and their locations.
  • Keeping Stuff Out of Sight Consider how you’ll want to store and shelve items in this room. You may want to construct built-in cabinets or buy your own. Will you have video games, dvds, and toys that need to be stored?
  • Home Theater If you already know that there will be a big screen tv proudly displayed in this room you’ll want to talk to an electrician about hooking up all those wires ahead of time inside the walls. It’s not expensive and you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself later.
  • Fireplace Instead of a home theater, maybe you’d like your family room to be a cozy retreat. Gas fireplaces can be powered-up with just one button and have a ventilation system through the walls. Wood burning fireplaces need a chimney which will cost a bit more. This is something you’ll definitely have to think about!
  • Wet Bar What a great way to entertain your 21+ guests. If you’d like a wet bar in your room, think about the kinds of countertop and storage possibilities available. You can also hook up a dishwasher and sink to avoid the hassle of transporting expensive glassware. With that, you’ll need to think ahead and plan for a plumber.
  • Decorating Defining the artistic feel of your new family room can be a lot of fun. Consider the furniture you plan on using and where you’d like it to sit. Don’t be afraid to take out a tape measurer too! Bold accessories like lamps, knick knacks, and even family pictures can make this space uniquely yours. You should also think about the ease of transitioning this room to suit your changing tastes.

Family rooms are perfect for entertaining friends and family or even just cozying up by the fireplace to enjoy the stillness of home. They provide a space for people to congregate and enjoy eachother’s company. The possibilities of designing your family room are endless and with a little forethought and imagination, your dream space will become a reality. 

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