Learn how to plan for your garage conversion the right wayGarage conversions are trendy these days. More than ever, multi-generational families are living under one roof, leaving practical homeowners to seek new ways to add useable space to their existing homes. Depending on the extent of the work, a garage conversion is a major remodel that can take several weeks to complete. To reduce stress during this time, it’s important to have a plan in place. These steps will help you prepare for your upcoming garage conversion.

Know Your Budget

Before you can begin work, you must have an established budget with firm parameters. Knowing how much you want to spend can prevent costs from ballooning out of control. Knowing your budget ahead of time will also help you make formative decisions that will influence the parameters of your conversion.

Choose Your Architect and Contractor Carefully

The architect that designs your conversion and contractor that you choose to oversee the work can have a major influence over the success of your remodel. Interview multiple candidates before making a final decision.

When choosing an architect, look for someone who will take into consideration the existing home’s design and aesthetic qualities. Finding an architect that can make your home’s addition flow with the existing structure will have a significant impact on your home’s future resale value.

When interviewing an architect, ask to see his or her portfolio of work, talk about how that architect would handle your particular remodel, and find out what would be that architect’s priorities for your particular project. Your architect should be able to answer all questions to your satisfaction.

When choosing a contractor, look for someone with a reputation for excellence and integrity. Your contractor should be licensed, certified and insured. As your contractor about how he or she deals with subcontractors, workers and architects. Your chosen contractor needs to understand the value of leadership and cooperation. Ask to see the portfolio of every contractor you interview. As you decide whom to hire, take into consideration the contractor’s existing body of work and his or her ability to communicate ideas.

Establish a Timeline

Before the work gets started, you’ll need to know when the work will begin, what the approximate end date will be, and how the work will progress. Your contractor should be able to tell you what the beginning, middle and end of your project will look like, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Maintain Communication

Like other remodels, a garage conversion is a step-by-step process that doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Maintaining regular communication with your contractor and architect can help you avoid surprises. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor to stop work to explain things that you find confusing or concerning. Your contractor works for you and should be able to explain the progress in your garage as it takes place.

Know When to be Around (and When to stay Gone!)

There will be times during your remodel when you’ll want to be around in order to make important decisions. There may be other times during your garage conversion when the noise and disruption will simply give you stress and anxiety.

Knowing when to be around and when not to be around will help you stay happy with the progress being made. Talk to your contractor before work begins to find out if there will be times during your conversion that you may want to be there for, and if there will be times you’ll want to stay away for.

Planning your garage conversion ahead of time will make the experience a more positive one for you. For more tips about how to plan for your upcoming conversion, consult with an experienced architect and contractor.

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