Breaking the NJ Architecture Rules with These Design Tips to Help Your Home Stand Out From the Pack

Photography by Lisa Russman

Creating an inviting master bath is something you do for yourself, not guests or visitors to your home. Your master bath is an essential space in your home, enabling you to get your day started, providing a brief refuge from the daily grind, and giving you space for taking care of yourself when your batteries need a recharge. If you are considering a master bath redesign, here are some tips from an expert Architect in NJ to help you create the space you need. 

Start Each Day with Warmth

If you are building or remodeling your master bath, why not take advantage of this opportunity to install heated flooring in your space? No one likes cold tile on their feet early in the morning, and heated floors are practical as well as comfortable. When you heat from the bottom up, your space will feel warmer, and when your feet are toasty, the rest of you will feel cozy, too. Ask your New Jersey architecture specialist how to incorporate heated floors into your master suite. 

Tile Advice from NJ Architects 

Installing floor-to-ceiling tile is one way to transform a space from blah to high end, and you can achieve the look you want by picking stone, ceramic, or glass tiles that you love. When working with stone, you can opt to focus on just one or two walls rather than the entire space while leaving the other walls neutral, to bring out the natural beauty of the stone. Subway tiles are also a great choice, but you can get creative with grout colors, accent tiles, and layout patterns, too. An architect can be a second set of eyes to help you decide.  They are trained experts in design and functionality.

Create a Retreat Using Natural Elements

One way to improve the relaxation factor of your master bath is to integrate as many natural elements as possible into your indoor space. Natural light provides warmth while also making your bathroom an excellent home for plants and flowers. Using wood accents or details helps you connect with nature, and the more natural your space, the more likely your mind will be able to rejuvenate and focus on self-care. 

Get Creative with Lighting in Your Master Bath

Wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lamps aren’t just for the great room anymore. Your master bath needs plenty of supplemental light to create that welcoming effect after dark, too. Adequate lighting in this space is crucial, and there’s nothing that says you have to stick with traditional, around-the-mirror fixtures. New Jersey architecture firms are installing some interesting, funky, and functional light fixtures that create a beautiful statement in the master bath. 

Dual Vanities Means Dual Style

If you share your master bathroom with someone else, why not give each of you a space to call your own? Putting multiple vanities in a master bath is nothing new, but placing them in different parts of the room and incorporating distinct styles in each ensures that you both get the personal space you love. Make his countertop higher or yours lower, use different colors and materials or add other touches to customize each area. 

The Most Important Rule is That You are Comfortable

What is more apparent today than ever before is that, when it comes to the master bath or master suite, there really are no rules anymore. Because these are personal spaces in your home that are meant to meet your most intimate and private needs, the most crucial consideration is that it makes you comfortable and has everything you require. Throw out all your preconceptions about what a bathroom “should” be and create the one that gives you what you desire. Today’s master bath is breaking all the rules, so feel free to get creative when considering options for your next remodel or new home. 

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