Master room addition planning in easy stepsWhen you’re thinking about adding a room onto your home, it can seem like a big project that’s beyond your scope of experience. But it’s really not that hard to work through the planning process to add the master room you need! By following our three simple steps, you can start the process instead of wistfully wishing for a better space. Here’s how:

  1. Figure out what you want to add and what you need to add. Let’s start with that first part – what do you want in your home? Spend some serious time on Pinterest, Houzz or other design board website to gather ideas. Don’t limit yourself at this point – that will come later. Do you want towel warmers in your master bath? An amazing walk-in closet? Cathedral ceilings with fantastic skylights? List out everything you want to put in your addition. Next, you’ll list what you need. If everyone in your family has joint replacements, you may want to add universal design features. Are you always working nights? You  might want to nix the east-facing windows to improve your sleep quality. Need serious privacy? Sound reduction may be in the stars for your master room addition. Now that you have your wants and needs worked out, it’s time to prioritize. Is the steam shower more important to you than the vessel sink for your bathroom? Are you willing to give up on an amazing view if you don’t have to climb the stairs several times a day? Go through your entire list and number your items, starting with the most important ones. It’s okay to give the same number to a pair of items that you like equally well, but don’t mark the entire list as #1.
  2. Determine whether you’re bumping out or bumping up and consider how it will fit into your existing floor plan. If you have a large lot and are consider possible further expansions in the future, you may want to build your addition to the side or back of your existing home. On the other hand, if you’re on a small lot or this is the only addition you anticipate needing to make to your home, bumping up to a half story or adding dormers to increase window and head room can be a great, cost-effective possibility that doesn’t require additional foundation work. The other thing to consider is how the addition will tie into your existing floor plan. Will you need to put in a new hallway or a staircase? Where will they go?
  3. Talk to an architect or design firm about what will or will not work. It could be that your ideas will not work with your home’s existing structure, or additional structural needs will have to be addressed to pull off your addition. Be willing to be flexible and think outside the box when it comes to developing creative solutions to your home’s addition. An architect can help provide ideas in addition to their professional services. They’ll also be able to spot potential problems in your design ideas, such as the door that opens into the side of a shed dormer, privacy problems from doors that are directly across from each other, zoning issues you may encounter during the process and many other problems.

Now that you know how easy it is to start planning your master room addition, what’s stopping you? Go through these easy steps, then discuss your options if you’re ready to talk to a design firm. At Prime Draft Studio, we want to help you make your dream home an amazing reality. If you have questions or need help planning your room addition, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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