Does Your Mudroom Need A Makeover- Here Are Our Best Tips!Mudrooms can be incredibly helpful and versatile spaces—if they’re well-designed. There’s room for temporary and long-term storage, they can help you keep the rest of your house clean, and they can double as laundry rooms, cleaning supply closets, and more. However, the cost of having such a practical space is that they can be very difficult to keep clean and organized. You don’t want to store everything in one place only to spend hours looking for each item as you need it!

But don’t worry, there are ways to make your mudroom more organized and easy to keep up right from the start. Here are our best tips for executing a great mudroom makeover:

Create central hubs for keys, laptops, and more

Your mudroom, in part, serves as a drop-off zone when you first enter your house, and a pickup room when you leave. When you redecorate your mudroom, it’s always a good idea to install specific places to store keys, devices, wallets, purses, mail, and other small things that you need when entering and exiting your home, especially if you have trouble keeping track of them. Say goodbye to running around at the last minute to find your keys!

Think strategically about your storage options

Providing storage is one of the main uses of a mudroom, which at least in theory makes it easier to keep the rest of your home organized and clean.  But it can be difficult to know the best way to set up storage areas for your home and your family—and keep it all within budget. Between the items you drop there, like shoes, coats, and purses, everything you need for the appliances stored there like laundry, and extra storage, things can get out of hand. And the last thing you want is for your mudroom to be cluttered.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank on brand-new cabinetry and countertops if you don’t want to—you can use industrial shelving units or even go thrifting. As long as you create a way to organize and store things effectively, feel free to get creative. But make sure you think through the best ways to set up storage in your new mudroom, and even talk to an expert about your layout options.

Design for flexibility

While some spots in your mudroom will always be designated for specific items, you won’t always have the same storage needs you have right now. So while you’re thinking strategically about storage, make sure to factor in flexibility, too. Here are some of our top tips for designing your mudroom for flexibility:

  • Install different-sized shelves to accommodate anything you may need in the future.
  • Use chalkboard or whiteboard paint in storage areas so you can change labels as needed.
  • Have a mix of open and closed-off storage room gives you the freedom to switch them out as needed. For example, swapping out seasonal items as the weather changes.

Think about the whole family in your mudroom makeover

Get input from everyone in your household, and if you have kids, design with them in mind too. You can make adjustments and decisions based on their needs and abilities, like putting some shelves to store their things where they can reach them or including a countertop closer to the ground.

Consider your life in the future—not just what you need now

If your family or household might look different in the near future, factor that in, too.

You can’t (and won’t want to) redesign each time your life changes, so think about the present and the future when you’re designing your mudroom. If you don’t have kids, but might soon, think about how that might affect the design of your mudroom. If you’re planning to get a dog sometime in the future, you might want to plan ahead and install a spot to wash and dry paws after walks. You know your life and its possibilities better than anyone else, and it doesn’t hurt to plan now instead of having to adjust later.

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