New Beautiful Home Designs for the Modern Family

photography by Lisa Russman

If there is any one trend that unifies modern design across all mediums, it’s the focus on clean, simple layouts and features that maximize space. No matter where you live these days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and crowded by the sheer amount of information and connections at our fingertips. At all hours of the day, most of us are plugged in or a few seconds away from being plugged in. Clarity and simplicity are at an all-time premium.

Throughout decades of American home design, the appearance and function of homes have always reflected the unique needs of the people of their respective eras. Today’s modern era is no different. Beautiful home designs of the current day tend to feature open, bright spaces that are easy to organize and calming to look at. Trying to keep space clean and organized with a herd of rambunctious and fun-loving kids is always a challenge, but designer houses with clean lines in mind can help make it easier.

Contemporary and Modern architectural styles aren’t the only ones that feature wide, bright space and simple clean lines of design as fundamental precepts, though. Many popular and rising beautiful home designs incorporate this spirit of simplicity and design. Here are some great examples:

New Craftsman
The American Craftsman style is one of the most iconic schools of architectural design in the history of U.S. architecture. Reaching the peak of its popularity around the turn of the twentieth century, interest in Craftsman style has seen a resurgence in recent years, touched up with innovative modifications that more aptly fit modern commissioners. New Craftsman homes are some of the most beautiful home designs you’ll find, featuring rich rural accents, local construction materials, and fittingly, open interiors that welcome sunlight far more than traditional Craftsman designs. New Craftsman homes are the perfect fit for families who hope to incorporate a love of nature, homey coziness, and roomy interiors into their new home. Such architecture designs for homes address the need for space and comfort; after all, it can be hard to relax if you’re packed tightly into a room with three kids, all of whom are listening to their favorite, loud YouTube stars at the same time—even if you find them funny!

Spanish-style homes are on the rise in the U.S., largely thanks to the influence of the internet on the coming-of-age generations. This style is nothing new globally, but in the United States, it has evolved into something entirely new. Utilizing clean edges and simple geometry, modern Spanish-style home designs allow for spacious, bright rooms with airy exterior appearances that call on architectural motifs that are centuries old, creating styles that are tried-and-true worldwide into neighborhoods with a very different history. It’s like stepping back in time without losing any of the comforts of the modern day.

While Villa-style homes do not belong to a single school of popular architecture, more and more Americans are embracing the stately-but-relaxed, horizontally spacious stylings each year. Villa-style homes exhibit features from France, Spain, and the Mediterranean, bringing fresh concepts to the mosaic of American neighborhoods. If you thought Victorian homes were spacious and visually impressive, you’ll find a Mediterranean villa-style home to be brighter, more welcoming, and less audacious. Even an eye-rolling tween can appreciate the breathtaking beauty of an inspired villa home!

These three beautiful home designs represent just a small sampling of the incredible evolutions taking place in neighborhoods countrywide. What’s for sure is the focus on the inhabitants—modern homes are less about loud, showy exteriors and are instead being designed to make those inside feel comfortable and at peace. The differences between a 20-year-old home and a home being designed this year are stark. Rooms flow easily together, allowing families to coexist with less arbitrary divisions but still providing privacy and comfort. Interior vertical space is used effectively to provide a further sense of openness and clarity that simply isn’t found in many older homes—whose ceilings, for example, seem surprisingly low in comparison to the most beautiful homes of the modern day.

Keep your mind and your eyes open, and you’ll be surprised what styles can blend together to make the perfect home for you and your family.

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