New Jersey Architect Shares Tips on How to Integrate Clever Storage into Your Home’s Design

Photography by Lisa Russman

No matter the size of your home, finding creative and helpful ways to add storage to your space is always a top priority. New Jersey architects are getting more creative with their storage solutions, as finding new areas to stash your stuff is no longer left to the interior decor stage of home finishing. 

Built-in storage, multi-functional shelving, storage walls, and platforms are just a few of the many ways residential architects in NJ are building more space for homeowners to store just about anything. Below, we have gathered tips on how to work with your architect to include interesting and usable storage solutions into your new home or remodel’s designs and plans. 


#1. Use the Space Under Your Stairs
While we wouldn’t recommend turning it into a bedroom (sorry, Harry), creating a cupboard or other storage area under your stairs helps you reclaim valuable room in your home. New Jersey architecture firms are including drawers, cabinets, and built-in shelves in many different configurations to store office supplies, art materials, toys, books, and much more. Don’t have stairs? Well, you can create some in an ultra-small space to build a loft or platform, which also adds additional storage. 

#2. Build Up
Platforms, raised beds, lofts, and other built-up areas are perfect for defining an area as well as creating more storage. By building up, you gain space underneath, which can be used to store those pesky items no one can ever find a place to put, like camping gear, board games, and hobby or craft supplies. Residential architects in NJ can help you design spaces that provide the right type of storage for your home and needs while also creating funky and functional spaces for you and your family.  

#3. Use the Whole Wall
Storage walls are more popular than ever before and for a good reason. Taking advantage of an entire wall and building shelving that stretches floor to ceiling makes maximum use of your space and gives you lots of area for storage. New Jersey architecture firms are using storage walls in offices, kids’ rooms, basements, and great rooms that include open and closed shelving options as well as drawers, cubbies, and much more. Storage walls can even be free-standing and used to divide a large space into more defined, distinct areas. 

#4. Build Furniture that is Also Storage
The banquette is undoubtedly not a new idea, and this classic is a wonderful way to add storage to your space. Turn any corner into an eating area, office, or study room by adding a bench and table. The under-seating storage also gives you space to tuck away items from view and to max out the space’s storage capacity. Ottomans, window seats, and even couches can also be constructed to include under-seating storage. 

#5. Rethink Kitchen Storage
Your kitchen probably has the most storage needs of any space in your home, and it also gets used the most. Architects in NJ are finding new and creative solutions for kitchen storage that make workflow more accessible and give your family the gathering space they want. Shelving, cabinets, and drawers are not the only players in town anymore. Talk with your residential architect about how to use tilt-out trays, the space at the toe kick, roll-out trays, lazy Susans, and pegboards to make the most of your kitchen storage space. 

#6. Look Up
Your ceiling is an underutilized space that could help you add more storage to your home. Consider hanging storage bins for off-season clothing in your mudroom or storing workout gear on hooks in the basement or office ceiling. Your architect can help design ceiling storage that is stylish as well as functional to make use of this space that is often overlooked. 

If you’re looking for a New Jersey architect to work on your new home design or renovation project, please reach out to our team today.

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