The one thing that can stand in the way of your kitchen remodelFor many, the kitchen is the most important room in their home; thus, the accolade the kitchen is the heart of the home. A well-laid out and beautifully designed kitchen can add value to your home and impress potential buyers. One thing that stands in the way of beginning your kitchen remodel may be cost. However, if you plan appropriately, set a budget and make wise choices in materials, you may be able to have a beautifully renovated kitchen for less than you imagined.



Tips For An Economical Kitchen Remodel

The tips below are designed to help you plan, budget and choose materials for your kitchen remodel.



Determine the layout of your new kitchen. Are you planning to leave all the appliances, plumbing and electrical outlets in the same place? If you are on a tight budget, you may want to keep the current layout so you can invest in new appliances, cabinets and flooring, etc.

Know What You Want And Remember What You Need

Get an idea as to what you must have in your new kitchen. A wine cooler may be something you have always wanted, but cannot afford on your current budget; consider choosing less expensive flooring and use the difference to get your wine cooler.

Choosing Appliances

Top-of-the-line appliances are rarely valued by appraisers or purchasers; therefore, choose mid-grade, high-efficiency, name brand appliances.

Choosing Materials

Consider visiting your small local cabinet and countertop suppliers. These local suppliers are usually less expensive than the larger home improvement stores. They may also be able to deliver your products sooner.


The countertop is an important feature in the kitchen as it is one of the first things that people see. Avoid using laminate and particleboard wrapped Formica because these are usually looked down upon by potential buyers.


Granite is a nice option. Many times, you can get the same look with a less expensive granite as you would with the more expensive stone. Granite suppliers usually install their products themselves. Some suppliers offer inexpensive per square foot costs and make up the difference with high installation costs. When you get a bid, make sure that it includes everything.


Replacing your kitchen cabinets is one of the more expensive aspects of a kitchen remodel. You can save a substantial amount of money by selecting good quality cabinets made by less famous manufacturers; you just need to know what to look for.

Characteristics Of A Well-Made Cabinet

Look for:

  • Cabinet boxes that are made from furniture-grade plywood.
  • Drawers need to have a plywood bottom tightly fitted into the groove located in the side of the drawer, be made of solid wood and joined using the dovetail method.
  • Shelves need to be constructed of furniture grade plywood that is at least 12mm.
  • Choose a drawer that has a good slide and soft-close feature.
  • Solid wood frame fronts surrounding a solid wood panel on drawers and doors are ideal; nevertheless, nice looking furniture grade plywood panels are also acceptable; however, avoid using laminated particleboard altogether.

Cabinets that have these features are well made and the name is irrelevant. In addition, the majority of cabinetmakers offer warranties similar to those offered by their name brand counterparts. Another way you can save money on your cabinetry is by choosing a less expensive wood species and a slightly simpler design. If you do choose to have a design on your cabinets, you can also save money by only having the designed doors on the upper cabinets.

Keep in mind:

Before your current kitchen is demolished, you need to have your new cabinets ordered; in addition, verify the delivery date. Generally, homeowners wait several weeks for their cabinetry to arrive. For this reason, advanced planning is essential.


Tile is usually less expensive at big retailers; however, selection is limited. Real stone is expensive and generally more difficult to install, so avoid it.

Overstock and surplus warehouses offer good prices on hardwood. The downside is that you have to start watching for the product you want months in advance because what is available varies greatly. If you find an overstock material that you like and it is available, you can save thousands of dollars on flooring materials.

To ensure you have a successful remodel, create a functional layout that includes adequate storage space. Use durable, well-made materials so you can enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.


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