1: Consultation

Our initial consultation focuses on listening. We know that the most thoughtful architectural plans come from really understanding our clients’ needs and interests. We want to hear your story. We also answer questions, help with worries, discuss likely construction budgets and outline timeframes.


Our proposal is a thorough assessment of your needs and the scope of work. We play back our discoveries and also undertake an initial zoning audit.  In addition, you will receive a list of likely drawings needed, a schedule and cost of architectural services.

3: Design

During the design phase, we put to work all our listening and discovery. We work on interior layouts and spatial planning, including kitchens and baths. You will receive 2-dimensional views of the exterior plus a documentation of existing conditions. We can also provide 3-dimensional views of the interior and exterior in addition to renderings or sketches. 

We are able to handle Historic, Zoning and Planning Board application processes, although not every project will require this. We prepare drawings, represent our clients and give presentations at public hearings.

5: Construction Cost estimating

We help plan your construction budget, explaining necessary line items and available options. We also offer an online Construction Budget Guide, where clients can work out cost per square foot, educate themselves on current construction costs and plan what they can afford. 

6: Construction DRAWING

We provide certified, detailed drawings from which builders will provide an estimate and the town will issue the building permit. These follow state and local building code, and detail material performance requirements. We also provide structural engineering drawings –assessment of loads and design of wood framing, steel beams, concrete and masonry foundations. 


We offer a complimentary bidding service, providing drawings to interested builders and working with them to answer questions so they can calculate a more accurate cost of construction and schedule of works. Our clients find this assistance valuable as it helps navigate through diverse estimate formats from multiple contractors.


During the course of each build, we provide ongoing construction advice, answering questions from the general contractor or township construction officials. We pay periodic visits to the site to assess progress and will meet builders on-site should issues arise. We are also able to provide supplementary certified sketches and letters if needed.