Small Master Bedroom Ideas That Will Help You Maximize SpaceWorking with what you have regarding small spaces is easier said than done. But don’t fret! A small bedroom can be challenging, but there are so many ways to make a space work for you. It might just take a little investigating before you find a solution.

Not everyone is a minimalist. We all have things that we own that take up space, sometimes more space than we’d like. When dealing with smaller spaces, sometimes it’s necessary to pare down and rid ourselves of clutter. Not everyone can afford storage units, so sometimes purging is the best option. If not, then you need to find creative ways to keep all of your items. Take a look into these ideas to see what works for you and make the most of your space.

Multi-functional furniture

There are so many styles of beds that it should be easy to find one with extra storage. Certain models will have drawers built-in beneath the bed. Others have nooks near the headboard that eliminate the need for night tables. Pieces that can combine multiple parts of furniture into one can save you valuable space while still giving you all the storage options you need.

Another option is a Murphy bed. If your space is truly limited, a Murphy bed is a great option to save space. You will have full floor access while the mattress is hidden, giving you extra space for working or entertaining. In some Murphy-bed models, they even offer fold-out desks so you can once again combine two key pieces of furniture in one.

Optimize storage built-ins

Built-ins are a great way to save space but still maintain a highly functioning and clean area. You can have built-ins along both sides of the bed for extra storage, which eliminates the need for some additional furniture. If possible, having custom-made or DIY built-in closet sections can remove the need for a dresser or wardrobe.

Painting and light

While this may not seem like a great way to maximize space, lighting and paint choice can drastically change the feel of a space. If you want your master suite to have a light and airy open feel, then paint and lighting are two things that will help you get that look.

For a super small room that might become cramped and closed-in by color on the walls, a smart solution is to leave the color for the ceiling instead. It might seem a little unconventional, but painting the room walls white will provide an open and light feeling while the ceiling gives a pop of color to the room for some uniqueness.

In terms of lighting, whether it be natural or electric, having good lighting can drastically impact the space. Poor lighting can make a room seem dark and cramped, whereas good lighting will make a space feel open and inviting. You can add sconces near your bed for nighttime reading or a smaller amount of light. Having lighting overhead is crucial as well because it will provide the entire room with additional light.

No oversized furniture

Large furniture pieces sometimes have the opposite effect in a space. They can make a room feel cramped and overwhelmed, plus they also take up valuable space. We aren’t just talking about an oversized bed; there are large nightstands and dressers that can also take up far too much space. Removing large furniture in favor of smaller but still functional pieces will save space and ultimately give the room a much larger feeling.

Making a room work for you may take a few tough decisions, but ultimately it will be worth it when you have a spacious room with furniture that actually fits.

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