If you’ve decided to take the plunge into an architectural remodeling project for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you had hopes of moving into a bigger, updated house and found it too costly. Or maybe you just want to spruce up your home to make it more comfortable. Either way, an architectural remodeling project offers many possibilities for the whole family. It can also offers many worthwhile benefits such as more living space, curb appeal, comfort and energy efficiency.

But where do you begin? Here are the best home-remodeling projects that will add value to your home.

The kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Updates in this space have become quite common, and homeowners can expect a favorable return on their investment if the renovation is done well. In fact, even just a minor kitchen remodel can see up to an 81% in recoup value. You can install energy-efficient appliances to appeal to those buyers looking to go green while saving money in the long run. Just make sure your kitchen redesign isn’t too fancy for the neighborhood. If you plan on selling your home, keep potential buyers in mind. Most won’t want a deluxe kitchen that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the house.

Bathroom addition

If your home only has one bathroom, consider adding another. Not only does this offer more comfort for you and your family, but it will be a huge asset when it comes time to sell in the future. If you’re not sure about where to find the space to add this additional bath, look at underused rooms or spaces like closets or areas under the stairs. Half baths only need 18 square feet, while full baths need 30.

Revamping an existing room

Home remodeling isn’t complete without giving some thought to reinventing an existing room. Home additions can be costly, so why not simply makeover a room you currently have? A great option is to create a versatile room that the whole family can enjoy. For example, remodel the basement or garage into a second living room, game room, or entertainment area. It can also be transformed into an extra apartment for guests or relatives. Attics offer similar options since they can be turned into game rooms, craft rooms, apartments, and living rooms. Use your imagination and update any room to suit your current and future needs.

Outdoor areas

With more and more people enjoying “staycations,” investing in a new outdoor area might be worth considering. You can fully customize this outdoor space to include built-in seating and lounge areas, planters, grilling stations, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more. Breathe life into the exterior of your home by incorporating another hangout spot for loved ones to enjoy. Not only will this new outdoor area add more space to your home, but it allows you to take advantage of the sights and sounds of nature.

New windows

A must-do house remodel often includes replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones. This upgrade saves you money while sprucing up the look and feel of your home. New windows eliminate drafts that cause constant high energy bills, and depending on which style you choose, can add a fresh modern look to your home.

Whether you need more space or are simply looking to upgrade existing rooms in your house, home architectural remodeling offers plenty of options. The kitchen, bathroom, basement, and exterior areas of your house provide great starting points. Think about what you want changed in your home, and start planning a beautiful remodel.