The biggest kitchen remodel mistake you don't want to makePerforming a kitchen remodel may sound like an easy task. In general, a kitchen remodel involves tearing out all your old cabinets, fixtures, flooring and appliances and replacing them. Unfortunately, remodeling a kitchen is far more involved than most homeowners realize, especially if they do not have any remodeling experience. To avoid major time and cost overruns for your remodeling project, you should vet and hire professional construction experts.

Not Hiring Professionals

The biggest mistake homeowners make when planning and performing a kitchen remodel is not hiring the right professionals or not hiring professionals at all and attempting the remodel as a DIY project. Even something as seemingly small as a kitchen remodel should involve hiring the services of a professional architect and a general contractor. Kitchen remodels often involve installing new plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets, which could prove very costly if they are installed wrong.


Even if you like the current layout of your kitchen, you should still hire an architect. Many homeowners have trouble optimizing their kitchen space, which leads to storage space that isn’t used and counter space that is difficult to reach. A professional architect can make sure that your kitchen is optimized for functionality as well as beauty and ambiance.

A skilled architect can look at your current kitchen and its dimensions and create a kitchen with easy to use cabinets and enough counter space for you to display your small appliances and prepare and cook meals. They can suggest lightening solutions for areas of your kitchen that are perpetually dark, and they can suggest designs that optimize the traffic flow of your kitchen and minimize dead space.

Architects are also skilled at designing kitchens with certain budgets in mind. While you’ve probably constructed an overall budget for your kitchen remodel, an architect can help you determine where to spend your money and where to save money.

For example, you may want to purchase slightly less expensive fixtures or appliances and purchase high-quality solid wood cabinets or more expensive flooring that will not go out of style and last decades. Your architect can also create several kitchen designs with various budgets in mind so that you can choose the best kitchen for your lifestyle at a price that won’t strain your finances.

General Contractors

General contractors oversee remodeling projects. They vet and hire drywallers, painters, plumbers and electricians as well as other professionals, and they organize all the work for your kitchen remodel. Many homeowners don’t realize that the average kitchen remodel can take as long as six weeks from start to finish. During that time, your current cabinetry, appliances and fixtures will be removed. Your walls may be painted or tiled. New plumbing and electric outlets and switches may be installed, and all the new cabinets, fixtures and appliances will be delivered and installed.

A general contractor will organize all the work, hire all the subcontractors and ensure that your remodeling project is completed on-time and within your budget. Without a general contractor, you would have to determine the best way to demo your current kitchen, order all of your appliances, fixtures and cabinetry and ensure everything is delivered on time. You would need to vet and hire all the subcontractors, and you would be responsible for ensuring all the work is completed according to your remodeling plan.

To speed the process of hiring a general contractor, you can ask your architect. Architects often have working relationships with general contractors and home remodelers, and they know which contractors can effectively and efficiently execute certain designs. This can save you time and money when finding and hiring a general contractor.


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