The real skills you look for in an architectWhen you’re trying to find the perfect architect to bring your dreams to life, it can be a difficult task. It doesn’t have to be! There are some specific skills that all good architects should have. By eliminating drafting firms that don’t make the grade, you’ll quickly find an architect that meets your needs and can provide solid advice going forward with your project. Here are some real skills your architect needs:

Design Skills

Design isn’t just the process of developing a floor plan, it’s the process of deciding the best way to fit the elements of your project together. Skilled architects don’t just throw some floor plans together, they think about privacy in bedroom and bathroom door layout. Computer layout can make two workstations fit in a six-foot-square space, but the real-world results just don’t work out.

Drawing/Graphics Skills

It used to be that if you wanted to get into drafting or architecture, you needed to have some serious drawing skills. With the advent of computer-aided drafting, the same could be said of graphics skills and software knowledge. These skills not only convey the general appearance and layout of your project, but also the specific requirements for joints, walls, floors, special structural features and other details that need to be communicated effectively to construction crews.

Problem-Solving Skills

When most clients have a long list of wants that they don’t want to prioritize, figuring out creative ways to solve problems is vital to the success of any project. A good architect has great problem-solving skills that not only solve a problem, but can provide multiple solutions when possible and can effectively communicate the benefits and drawbacks of each solution. They can also work out how to make multiple systems function well together without causing additional problems down the road.

Communication Skills

Without good communication skills, your architect may not be able to deliver what you need. Communication skills include both listening and conveying information A good architect will stop and listen to what you need out of your project and should be happy to describe what you’re looking for back to you, to ensure clarity and unity of creative vision. An architect who isn’t able to communicate well will have a hard time understanding what you want and how to pass that information on effectively to your contractors.

Project Management Skills

Architects need to handle some level of project management, even if it’s just to get your project through their office. They’ll need to plan how the project will unfold, from the initial meeting to early concepts through to complete plans that have been prepared for the contractors you hire. Having project management skills ensure they’ll be able to see the job through to the end.

Math Skills

Whether the figures involve setting proper spans for your second-floor bedrooms, working out a budget to complete the work or tracking office expenses, your architect needs to have a good grasp of the calculations needed to successfully complete your job. An architect may also hire in a structural engineer or other specialist to help ensure the feasibility of your project’s design and provide peace of mind.

When you have a project that requires the perfect architect, finding one that has the right skills can make this task seem difficult. By keeping these skills in mind when talking to architects. you’ll have no problem finding one that’s right for your job. If you want to work with an architect who will work with you, our skilled professionals at Prime Draft Studio are happy to help make your dreams a reality. Please contact us with any questions, for more details or to schedule an appointment to discuss your project’s needs.

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