Thinking of Building a New Home? Here’s What Our Successful Clients Did

photography by Lisa Russman

When building a house, you want the finished project to meet your needs and your budget. As with anything that is meant to last many years, a fantastic result comes from detailed plans. The following three tips for building a new home condense words of wisdom from thousands of sources into a few simple reminders.

Have a Detailed Plan
Among the must-haves when building a new home, detailed plans top the list. You must consider many factors when designing your dream home. Where should your house sit on the lot to make the best use of light and be protected from wind and other forces? Where will you locate bedrooms, closets, and storage areas to make them easily accessible and also facilitate the flow of your home? Where should electrical, network, and cable access points be placed in each room? What are your current needs as well as your anticipated future needs?

Answering all of these questions will help you create a design for your new home that is functional, makes use of all the available space, and keeps your building costs on budget. Whatever you do, do not rush the planning process. You can avoid many expensive mistakes and potential disasters through careful and thorough planning.

Make the Best Use of All Your Space
Designing a home presents many challenges, including anticipating the future needs of your family. One mistake is creating underutilized spaces that end up serving little or no function. Instead of dedicating space specifically for less-used purposes, consider making multi-function rooms. Think of a sewing space that also serves as a guest room or a gym that also has craft space. These areas will help you get more use from your square footage, and as your needs and interests change, so can the use of these spaces. Make every room count when it comes to its functionality for your family.

Other considerations when building a house are where to place functional spaces such as the laundry room, garage, and kitchen. Putting the laundry in the basement may be an option, but is walking up the down the stairs multiple times per day to manage loads the best choice? Placing a kitchen at the back of the home may capture the best light, but if you have to lug groceries through the entire living area to reach this room, you might rethink. Working with a professional architect helps you consider all these choices and select the best options for you.

Know Your Needs and Communicate Them
Another essential addition to the list of the must-haves when building a new home is working with a professional architect. A thoughtful architect will know what questions to ask to create the perfect design for your new home. Before meeting with your architect, though, create a list of non-negotiable features for your new home. Knowing what you cannot live without will enhance the design process.

Ask questions at any point during the design or build process to ensure you are getting what you want, and do not allow your architect or contractor to pressure you into something you don’t. You know your family’s needs better than anyone, so communicate those while listening to the advice and suggestions of the professionals charged with making your dream a reality.

Building a new home is an investment in time, money, patience, and planning. While it can be very stressful, careful planning for maximum use of functional space and effective communication will minimize problems. Talk to your architect to learn additional tips for building a new home.

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