The Three Best Home Building Cost Estimator ToolsHome construction can be a big task to take on, especially for someone who has never been involved in a home-construction project. Deciding on a contractor and determining a reasonable timetable is just the beginning of what could turn out to be a long and grueling process. While these decisions are taxing, budgeting can be the most concerning for someone who has little or no experience with home construction. Picking a price that you can afford while getting results that are exactly what you are looking for may seem impossible but there are tools available to make the process simple and even enjoyable.

Building cost estimator tools or calculators are offered by a wide variety of architect companies to assist customers in determining a budget while getting a better understanding of the costs associated with a specific project. Although these calculators vary by company, they typically include the cost of materials that may be used with options available for customers to customize as needed, in order to obtain a cost that closely reflects their plans. Often times, additional budgeting tools or guides are offered to assist with the users understanding of the costs associated with each project and customers may even benefit from free online tutorials or videos provided as an incentive to downloading or using these tools. Taking a few moments to find a budgeting tool that educates and works for your unique situation could mean the difference of several thousand dollars spent in order to complete a home renovation or construction project. If you are having trouble developing a budget for your home construction project then consider using one of these three home-building cost estimator tools to make the process easier.

  1. Building Advisor. If you are an experienced home renovator and are simply interested in finding a data entry spreadsheet for budget creation, then the Building Advisor free estimating worksheet may be your best option. This spreadsheet breaks things down into sections such as roofing, plumbing, insulation, and air heating, etc. and includes sub-categories within each section. Users are able to enter their own estimates and even add, rename, or remove rows to adjust to their specific plans. While this spreadsheet does not offer estimates, it is a great option for someone who has had experience with construction and may already have a contractor in mind.
  1. Prime Draft Studio – If you are interested in a user-friendly, detailed cost-estimator tool for your construction project then our own Prime Draft Studio budgeting tool offers a stellar option that will make any home construction novice feel like a pro. The calculator takes away all of the work with simple navigation through data entry as well as the use of dropdowns. Customers select an appropriate response for items such as the foundation and floor or features to be included and use the free construction budgeting guide to create a project specific, itemized budget.

Microsoft – Believe it or not, Microsoft has a home-construction budgeting tool available, and although they are not in the construction industry, their spreadsheet is extremely helpful. Although this budgeting tool does not come with a guide, it is easy to navigate and even provides a thorough breakdown of different items that should be taken into consideration when beginning a home-construction project. The one downside is that a Microsoft account is needed in order to download their budgeting tool. But if you do have an account and are searching for a simple tool with flexibility to add or remove line items, this may be a good option.

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