Using Creativity and Unusual Ideas to Improve Your Home Addition

When it comes to adding onto your home, you ideally want to build on the addition for a particular purpose. Many people make additions to accommodate a growing family, to add on space for an office, or to simply make a space for relaxation. No matter your reason for building onto your home, it’s imperative to keep in mind that creativity can go a long way. For instance, adding on an office/guest room is an excellent way to meet two needs by adding on only one room. Here’s a quick look at the critical role that creativity plays in your home addition:

Your creativity matters
Your creativity matters, no matter how small or how big it may be. By intertwining your interests and creativeness into your home addition project, you’ll be able to make your construction endeavors incredibly exciting. Take for instance that you’ve always wanted a fireplace in your home. Within your home addition, you could incorporate a fireplace and skylights to create an invigorating room that takes advantage of Mother Nature at its finest.

The best way to identify how to incorporate your creativeness into your home addition is to first pinpoint your interests. Do you like sports? How about gardening? Have you always wanted a spa room? These interests of yours are perfectly capable of being integrated into your addition. Once you have chosen the aspects of your interests that you want your addition to reflect, it’s then time to start designing.

Think about cost-efficiency
Your creativity should always strive to improve cost-efficiency within your home, and there’s no better way to do this than by making a home addition that enhances your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. You need to explain to both your architect and your construction manager that you want the room to capture solar energy. It’s also imperative to point out that you want the solar heat to be appropriated in a way that it is distributed as heat for the rest of your home in the winter and then rejected as heat during the warmer months.

Think about colors
Are there two or more colors that when paired together give you a lively sense of happiness? Perhaps these colors mesh so well together that they appeal to you in a way that no other colors do. If you have certain colors that you absolutely love, you should definitely incorporate them into your home addition. Every time you walk into the new room, you’ll be enveloped in these colors, and you’ll know that the room has been personalized to your liking.

Get creative with paint and corner spaces
One of the most cost-effective ways to add character to any new home addition is by adding paint blocks to the walls. You can take a white wall, paint a burnt orange block and then add photos inside the block.

And don’t forget about turning your new room’s corners into versatile living space. One corner could serve as a sitting area, while another could be home to a corner bookcase, perfect for a small library.

It’s yours, so make it your own
Regardless of the reasons that your adding a room onto your home, your creativeness can make it much more of an enjoyable activity rather than a must-do task. Even the smallest of spaces can be used as storage, indoor gardening and much more. Just make sure to explain your creativeness to those involved in your construction project as this will help ensure that your creative dreams become a reality.

Even once you’ve already hired an architect and had plans drawn up, you might notice some areas that you have overlooked. There could be some interesting details that you could add to make your addition even better. Here are some unusual ways to improve your home addition plans in some of the most beneficial and common areas of your home:

Kitchen expansions are common among addition seekers. They provide more space while adding some value to your home. Bigger kitchens also allow more cooking and storage space for avid chefs. Dinner parties are a lot easier with bigger kitchens.

Unique kitchen ideas:

  • Create a wine rack out of the kitchen island. Or add a pull-out leaf for extra seating or prep space.
  • Add a pull-out cabinet in your kitchen for extra space that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.
  • Outlets are also important to think about. You can hide them in drawers, cabinets, and even in strips running under counter overhangs. Unsightly charging wires won’t be missed.

Family Room
Adding on to your living room or building a new one opens up a world of possibilities. These spaces can allow families to relax and communicate in a peaceful atmosphere. Plus, the extra space means more room for more people—not to mention the value it adds to your home if or when you decide to resell.

Unique family room ideas:

  • If you’re adding a family room to your home, consider lowering the sitting space to make a bi-level room. This creates a cozy space for family and friends while expanding the look of the room.
  • During construction, it may be advisable to install an in-wall pest control system. This is just a series of tubes inside your wall that are connected to an outdoor service port. A material is injected into the tubes from the outside that eliminates pests without affecting the safety of residents.
  • Magnetize your walls with magnetic panelling. These are strong enough to hang shelves, tvs, and more. That way, you won’t have to use a hammer and nails, which could damage the walls. Plus, you can easily move and redesign the area without the hassle of covering up nail holes.
  • Now is a good time to think about outlet locations. Family rooms are a popular place for electronics and charging stations. Outlets could be in the floor, cabinets, on the mantle, or even the end tables.

Fortunately, bedrooms can be built up or out on existing homes. These additions are great for elderly family members or children living at home. Extra bedrooms also invite visiting family members to stay over during the holidays in comfort.

Unique bedroom ideas:

  • Whether you’re planning to build a bedroom on the second or first story of your home, you should consider access to the outdoors. For a first-story bedroom, sliding doors to a nice patio would allow anyone to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. For a second-story addition, a balcony would add even more luxury to the room.
  • You can truly create a masterpiece with the bedroom ceiling. Often overlooked, ceilings are a great space to design and decorate. Having thick beams exposed definitely adds a unique atmosphere to the room.
  • Next, you can also choose to add a bathroom to this new space. A neat idea is to have a stone fireplace in the bathroom that also mirrors a fireplace in the bedroom. Plumbing and electrical considerations would definitely have to be handled ahead of time.

Unusual ideas for other areas of the house

  • You can install sun windows in any room to the house. These filter in natural sunlight, which adds warmth to any room. If in a bedroom, sun windows can provide beautiful and easy access to stargazing.
  • Before construction begins on an addition requiring a roof, you could decide to install solar panels. The benefits of solar energy are endless. For example, you’ll be saving money on electric bills while using clean energy that benefits the environment. Plus, the value and marketing of your home will increase. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar panels can sell 20% faster and at a %17 higher value than homes without.

Perhaps you haven’t fully settled on a function for your addition. Here are some additional unique room uses that would truly add personality to your home:

  • Spa
    Turn that additional room into a spa. Since you’d have all the trimmings like a massage bench, candles, and soothing music, the masseuse can come to you!
  • Yoga
    Similar to a spa room, a yoga room can be created with floor mats, calming colors, and tranquil lighting. This room could afford the privacy necessary for deep meditation.
  • Coffee/Wine
    For that coffee/wine connoisseur, have a special room dedicated to the art of tasting and enjoying. A bar can be set up that handles the appropriate needs for keeping coffee or wine ready to taste.
  • Games
    A pretty obvious option, game or recreation rooms are great for children and their friends. If you have children, relatives with children, or grandchildren, adding one of these rooms would be beneficial to everyone. Or you could even turn this room into a putting green for miniature golf.
  • Music
    Keep all of your music memorabilia and instruments in one place. Listen or create music inside this room that should inspire creativity and fun.

There are many unique and unusual ways to improve your home addition plans. Talking with your architect about your ideal home pays off, especially when he/she offers valuable advice and suggestions. Architects are there to listen to your ideas, even the crazy—and creative—ones, while showing you possibilities that you may have not considered.

Hopefully some of these creative and unusual ideas have inspired you to think outside the box for your home addition plan, whether that be a kitchen, family room, bedroom or something else. These ideas are great starting points for building a unique and creative plan for your home addition.

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