What i takes to succeed at being an architectWhether you’re considering becoming an architect or are shopping around to find the perfect architect for your home or business construction needs, you may wonder what separates an awesome, successful architect from those with more bland ideas and poorly-considered designs. Let’s take a look at traits that are present in most successful architects.

Creative thought process

Architects by nature need to be creative in their thought process, otherwise buildings would have a much more similar appearance and may not meet your needs as well as they could. A good architect doesn’t just plan bathroom or bedroom spaces by putting lines in place. They stop to consider how to best put those spaces in place while preserving privacy, esthetics and the client’s needs.

Able to see the client’s needs and desires

We’ve all worked with someone who can only see what they want to do with a project instead of taking the client’s wishes and needs into play first. A great architect will consider your home or business’ current style, your needs and the details you want in your home, business or addition, then meld those needs and wishes into their plans, creating a space that functions well and looks awesome while working with your needs.

Deals creatively with project limitations

What about project limitations, such as requirements for additional downstairs wall structure for a second-story addition or having only one or two access points to the backyard? Project limitations can be a stopping point at worst for bad architects or at best, creates a bad flow to your design. Awesome architects not only plans around these limitations, they’ll work with them in a creative fashion so you don’t even realize they would have been much of a problem.

Analytical thinking

Does the cabinet next to the sink run into the oven’s handle when you try to open it? Do bedroom doors open directly across from each other, making you sacrifice privacy? Is the awesome home theater room right next to the bedroom for your insomniac 4-year-old? A really great architect will do a mental “walk through” of your space to help ensure it will perform in a functional, enjoyable fashion without running into problems either now or down the road.

Speaks your language

Whether it’s the computer specialist who only speaks in jargon or the ex-military co-worker who uses acronyms for everything, we’ve all run into people who can’t communicate effectively. A successful architect can break down what they’re creating for you whether you’re a seasoned contractor or have never picked up a hammer in your life. They’re also able to do a great job of telling you why a particular feature in the design is vital or just can’t be done, and can come up with great alternatives if those possible changes don’t work well for your needs.

Wants to collaborate on design

If you’re talking to an architect who wants to create a one-and-done design for your project, you may want to look elsewhere. Part of the reason you’re hiring an architect is to work together in creating an amazing space, and an architect who isn’t willing to make changes or suggest improvements isn’t going to make you a good partner in your construction project.

Hiring the right architect for your job doesn’t mean you’re stuck with standard changes and boring details. An awesome architect can help meet your needs in a creative fashion that makes you love your home more instead of disliking the changes that must be made.  If you’re looking for an awesome architect that can create a wonderful space you’ll love, please contact us. At Prime Draft Studio, we want to help make your space a better place to enjoy.


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