Why A Family Room Addition Is Your Next Best MoveAdding a family room to your home is a great endeavor for so many reasons. The value of your home is sure to increase along with increasing great living and family space available in your home. This is also often easier than moving into a larger home because you won’t have such headaches like selling your current house and finding a new one. Plus, you’ll have a great space to spend time with your family to play games, relax, and have fun. The Benefits of Adding A Family Room

  • More Space This is a great idea for a house with a small to medium sized kitchen that is separated from the formal living and dining rooms by interior walls. You’ll be able to open up the space to create a seamless flow from room to room. However, make sure you match the new room’s style with the rest of your house for a natural feel.
  • More Bang For Your Buck This type of addition is considered to be a safe investment as it will definitely add value to your already happy home. When you add a new family room you don’t have they type of costs that you would have with a kitchen or bath including plumbing and appliances.
  • You Can Link Your Outdoor And Indoor Spaces Since you’re taking away some lawn space, you can add a door to the outside from this addition to further increase the flow of your home. Maybe you can even add an outdoor patio with this newfound space to enjoy.
  • New Gathering Place Now you can have a useful gathering place for friends and family to congregate without feeling cramped. Plus it moves a lot of the congregators out of the kitchen, making your food prep work easier.  A family room can be multi-purpose therefore the possibilities are endless.

Your Options for a Family Room Addition

  • Let the Sunshine In with Large Windows By adding nice windows to your family room addition, you’re inviting natural sunlight and warmth into your home. This is definitely a cost effective choice when considering energy conservation. Windows can also showcase the beautiful view of your property for added appreciation.
  • Fireplace If you want a cozy family meeting place, then adding a fireplace is a great idea. You have your choice of brick, metal, or stone and gas or wood burning. Many people are considering gas fireplaces more because they heat up with just a click of a button and are ventilated through the walls. Plus, gas fireplaces range from $2,000-8,000 while wood burning range from $8,000-12,000 since a chimney is necessary.
  • Home Theater You can bring the cinema right into your home with a family room addition. Stadium seating and an old-fashioned popcorn machine are not necessary as people are taking on a minimalist option for their home theaters. Simply talk with your contractor about setting up the proper wiring for a flat screen television mounted on the wall along with great speakers.
  • Wet Bar A family room can also be an entertainment space. By adding a wet bar consisting of a usable countertop, storage, and perhaps a sink would make entertaining your friends and family a breeze. Some people even add a dishwasher for easy clean-up.

There are so many benefits of adding a family room to your home, with the most obvious being an increase in value. Not only that, but you’ll be creating a larger space to make new memories with friends and family which will last a lifetime. 

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