Why a home addition calculator is crucial to your planningHome additions can be an overwhelming concept for any homeowner. Lack of experience and unknown costs may leave property holders wondering if they addition is even a realistic part of their budget. Although sources like U.S. News provide lists of things to consider before adding on to your home, these tips do not always fully prepare homeowners for what this change really means. Home addition calculators are excellent tools for not only determining the feasibility of a project but also for creating the profile of what the finished product will actually look like. While each calculator comes in its own unique shape and size, material estimates, expense details, and square foot projections are just a few benefits of what standard home addition calculators have to offer. If you are currently considering an addition to your home then a home addition calculator may be for you. Below is a list of four reasons to use a home addition calculator for your project.

  1. They assist in creating an appropriate budget – Creating a home addition budget may be the most challenging hurtle to overcome when considering if this type of project is the right move for you. Part of the issue is that although most people have a pretty good idea of what they can afford, that number will not always run parallel with the reality of the situation. Several websites such as houselogic provide suggestions for determining a home addition budget. Using a similar list to create your ballpark budget prior to adding it to the calculator for final tweaks helps to create a better picture of how the cost will be broken down.
  2. They categorize expenses – The expenses incurred due to a home addition project are not always completely apparent. A typical home addition calculator such as the Prime Draft Budget Tool from Prime Draft Studio will include several categories to which your overall budget will be allotted. Categories such as exterior walls, partitions, and even landscaping may open a user’s eyes to fees that may not have been apparent when the initial budget was created. By taking the time to review each item on the calculator, homeowners can better acquaint themselves with what the project actually entails.
  3. They help determine unforeseen costs – The problem that many homeowners face when considering a home addition for the first time is that they are unsure how to approach the idea of industry standard costs. We mentioned previously that most home addition calculators will categorize the project expenses. The added bonus to this feature is that most calculators will also include the estimated cost associated with each item. This provides the user with a clear view of how these fees are allocated and what they can expect.

They inspire ideas – Sometimes, homeowners begin the process with a vision that transforms as they learn more about what the project includes as well as the actual cost associated with it. Since home addition calculators provide a further level of detail in the budgeting process, new ideas may emerge sooner rather than later with the help of the tools more realistic budget. These epiphanies start the project off on the right foot and increase the likelihood of a less stressful project.

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