Why An Architect Is More Important

Without an architect, your home addition project or new construction build can become a lot more complicated. Architects are trained and educated to provide a variety of services for residential projects. They can design custom homes and outdoor spaces. They can negotiate on the homeowner’s behalf, and they can oversee the project from inception to completion.

What Does a Residential Architect Do, Exactly?
Unlike the design of workplaces and commercial facilities, residential architect design specializes in creating living spaces for use by families. Your residential architects’ mission should be to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for families of all sizes. How you take advantage of your home’s spaces is unique and special, and the design should be, too.

Because the structure of homes is very different than that of commercial spaces, residential architects have to be knowledgeable in electrical and HVAC needs for residences. Plus, they should be experts in zoning regulations, building codes, and the use of materials in residential spaces, so you don’t have to be.

And while all that is the nuts and bolts of residential architecture, what residential architects really do is work with families just like yours to exchange ideas, then translate your needs and desires into a beautiful plan for your home. What turns a mediocre design into great residential architecture is when client and designer are partners in the process. Your architect should build your home only when he or she feels they can thoroughly understand your needs and create a design that will match those.

Here are some reasons why an architect is more important than you think:

Experience and Knowledge
Many homeowners have no idea how to turn their ideas and dreams for their home into a finished project, and they do not know the language of construction. An experienced architect understands how to take ideas and turn them into beautiful, functional homes, and they can teach you the language of the construction industry so that you understand the dynamics of building your home and the process involved in building your home.

Lifestyle Considerations
How do you live your life? Do you work from home, plan on having kids, need to take care of aging parents or entertain on a regular basis? An architect does more than draw house plans. Architects listen to your ideas for your dream home, and they ask about your lifestyle and budget.

A single person does not need the same type of house as a family of four. Older parents with kids heading into college have different needs than a newly married couple. An architect can incorporate your lifestyle and future needs into the plans when designing your dream home.

Green Technology and Functionality
If you are looking for a home with the latest energy efficient technology while still being functional and aesthetically pleasing, hire an architect to design your new home. Architects are innovators and artists. They stay up-to-date with the latest home technologies and incorporate those technologies into home plans that are both exceptionally functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3-D Schematics
Architects have special software that allows them to create 3-D schematics on a computer screen so that you can get an accurate feel for your dream home project. The special 3-D software allows you to take a virtual tour of your home before it is ever built. This technology will help you get a feel for your home, and it allows you to make changes based on what you see on the computer screen.

Architects create detailed blueprints from the schematics that include everything the contractor needs to know in order to build your house correctly. The blueprints also allow you to solicit accurate bids for your new housing project.

Negotiation Help
If you need help finding contractors and soliciting bids, your architect can offer advice and help with the negotiations. Architects often know multiple contractors and home builders that would be a good fit for your residential construction project. Architects also have a good understanding of how much it should cost to build your home. With these two skills, the architect can help you find a contractor and properly inspect bid contracts so that you can make the best decision possible when hiring a home builder.

Project Oversight
Architects can also provide oversight for your construction project. Blueprints are the guide to building your home, but they can be interpreted differently by different builders. The architect can act as the go-between to ensure your desires and the plans are being followed and that no shortcuts are being taken. Architects can also answer questions, provide additional drawings, resolve issues and okay proposed changes to the plans.

As you can see, an architect is so important when it comes to any new home or addition project. While all architects design spaces to meet human needs, residential architects specialize in designing homes that create harmony and safety for families. Working with the right professional can help you create spaces that meet your requirements while building a home that is beautiful and practical. 

Just as you wouldn’t trust a delicate surgery to your local taxidermist, you should not trust the design of your most substantial financial investment to anyone but a skilled residential architect. You will live, work, play, and thrive in your home for years to come, so why would you trust its design and realization to anyone but a trained professional?

Architectural Building Design Can Improve Your Life
Designing a custom home provides you with the opportunity to build a house that can help you live happier and healthier. Another reason hiring a residential architect is a smart move is that we can ensure your home provides clean air for you and your kids and is constructed using healthy and safe materials. Don’t trust the health and safety of your family to anything else.

Great Residential Architecture Can Save You Money
Another benefit of working with a residential architect is we can help you prioritize your wishes for your new home into the best possible options for your budget. The right architect can also help you create an energy-efficient home that will continue to save you money for years to come.

By maximizing your fuel savings and lowering your carbon footprint, residential architects help you use fewer resources to live the lifestyle you desire. For example, your designs could take advantage of steel framing, making use of the most recycled material on the planet. Other green and recycled materials are available, and your home can be good for you as well as the planet.

Residential Design is Unique
What we love most about designing new homes for families is that it gives us a chance to create unique spaces that match the rhythm and pulse of each family unit. Homes are places to explore your possibilities, to live out your dreams, to discover the unknown together. The right space provides you with limitless experiences to connect with one another.

Passionate, qualified residential architects understand that homes are spaces for connection, love, and real living. Hiring an expert will ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

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