Why it pays to add an en suite bathroomHomes are used for more than just parents and children these days. The home becomes a source of respite for adult children and older parents who struggle to make ends meet. It is the site of millions of small businesses. From this perspective, it makes perfect financial sense to invest in an en suite bathroom for the home. As an added benefit, improving your home in this way also increases your home value and sets your home apart from other homes in the area.

Custom Room for Family

The dynamic of the family home is changing, which means that the house itself must upgrade to meet current needs. About one in four young adults continue to live with their parents after they graduate from college. In addition, one in seven adults are financially supporting both children and parents. From this standpoint, adding an en suite bathroom in a second bedroom is common sense. Rather than having to financially support your kids or your parents while they struggle to manage their own spaces, you can provide something for them in your own home. You can spend your money to improve your home, or you can spend money to help them pay rent. Only one of these has a financial return on your investment.

Separate Spaces

Putting an en suite bathroom into an extra bedroom has a great deal of practical applications beyond simply living. If you run a business out of your home, you may struggle to keep the two areas separate. Home-based businesses provide significant tax breaks, which is why about two-thirds of established businesses function exclusively in the owner’s home. However, if you have employees, maintaining your home as a private area is more difficult. With an en suite bathroom attached to your office space, you can keep the bathroom tailored to your business environment. You can design it to hold whatever you need, from specialist cleaning equipment for your employees’ production to extra tissues and paper towels.

Useful Storage

As it turns out, the addition of useful amenities is what makes this bathroom great. From the ground up, you can make this bathroom solve the problems in your home. It is no secret that homebuyers prize storage in a home and that bathrooms are usually deficient in this area. If you need more space for storage, this is your chance to turn your home into an organized paradise. Create a large linen closet to provide storage for sheets, towels, blankets, luggage and even hospitality baskets for your guests.  Add built-in storage shelving on the bathroom walls to give you a spot for decorations and toiletries.

Impressive Home for Buyers

Although the focus of your home improvement project should emphasize your own use and pleasure with the room, any sensible homeowner spending thousands of dollars on an upgrade wants to know what they will get out of it. The answer is both simple and more difficult to understand. A bathroom addition will give you a bit over half what you put in it in increased home value. Having an additional en suite bathroom, however, sets you apart from your neighbors. Now you have a leg up on the competition, with a unique arrangement that offers all the possibilities you can imagine.

Home improvements must justify themselves, otherwise they are not worth the expense. If you have family members living with you long-term, or if you run a business out of your home, you need a separate space with an en suite bathroom to accommodate these needs. When you make this investment, you can add features to the bathroom like storage that will make your home run more efficiently and solve unique problems in your house. This solution makes your home even more enticing to buyers, when the time comes to sell.


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