Why now is a good time to add a bonus room to your homeThe best time to add a bonus room to your home is before you need one. With the fall and cooler weather coming, the timing is perfect to hire an architect to add one of these rooms to your house. It is not too hot outside to do construction work, and it hasn’t started to snow yet. The weather is nice and cool and ideal for both the construction workers and you. If there is any disruption to your home’s power during the construction, you will still be nice and comfortable, too.

Cost is another factor. The summer is the busy season for many architects, and their schedules fill up fast. This means there is more of a demand than a supply of architects during this period. As a result, prices for summer construction will typically be higher than at other times of the year. Many architects don’t do construction in the cold of winter, or if they do, they only do it on an emergency basis if someone’s house has a structural issue that needs to be addressed forthwith. You will pay premium prices for this kind of service, too.

However, fall construction is done during the off season. Most people have gone back to work or school and aren’t thinking about home improvement, so it is a slower season for architects. Prices for the construction of your bonus room will be lower as a result. You really can save money by doing this work at this time of year.

WIth kids at school most of the day, and adults at work, any disruption to the household because of the construction will be minimal. It is a truly convenient time of year to have construction done on your home, because most of the people who live in it will typically be away during the part of the day that most of the construction is being done. The absence of the home’s residents during construction will also allow the job to be done quicker, more easily, and more accurately. You are more likely to get a higher level of satisfaction out of your new bonus room’s construction and building standards if it is done in the fall. Satisfaction is important to your architect, so hiring during the fall is really doing you both a favor in many ways.

With construction of your bonus room being done in the fall, you will have time to enjoy it before the really cold weather kicks in. You will also get a chance to decorate it while prices for traditional bonus room furnishings are low. Most bonus rooms are used during the warmer months, so buying them during the time of year when the weather is turning cooler is a real money saver. Once you get it furnished, you will have just enough time to test it out and see how you like it before the cold weather arrives.

The construction of your bonus room during the fall means it will be there waiting for you, perfect and ready to go when the weather turns warm again. You won’t need to waste part of the warm season getting it constructed. You and your family can start using and enjoying it again from the first warm day of the season. This allows you to get much more use out of it from the beginning, and will give your family something to look forward to once the warm weather begins again.

Getting your bonus room done now has many advantages. Use them, and get your bonus room constructed quickly, at top quality, and at the best prices by doing it now. It’s a decision you will love.


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