Why timing is everything in your home addition project.Imagine going on a road trip to your Aunt Sue’s home (where you have never been, in a state you have never visited) without directions. Sure, your GPS can give you directions, but without planning on where you will stay on the way as well as where to eat, your road trip might turn into a road disaster.

Or, perhaps you prefer to fly to Aunt Sue’s, you need to make reservations, plan for when and how you will get to the airport, and from the airport to Aunt Sue who is 55 miles from the airport. If you don’t plan before you fly, you might never reach your Aunt’s home.

The fact that “Anything you want to do well, needs planning” is said so often that it is practically a cliché does not mean it is not true. So why do so many hurry to have a renovation to their home done, without carefully planning for it and choosing the best time for getting the work done?

The Importance of Timing in Your Home Addition Project

Most people believe that the best time to have an addition or home renovation project done is summer. But there are other factors to consider in timing your home improvement project.

The Busiest Time of Year, Is Likely Not the Best Time of Year

Ever go to the car wash the morning of the first nice day of Spring? If so, you know how long you to have wait for your turn. But, if you go just before closing, the wait is shorter and the automated machinery will have your car showroom shining with little, if any wait.

Well, summer for a contractor is very much like the morning of the first day of spring for your local car wash – crazy busy! Scheduling your home addition for another time makes sense – in summer the contractor you choose may be turning away work and the price could be higher, but when summer is over, there are periods when contractors have almost no work, so having your addition/renovation done in a season other than summer can make sense.

Of course, timing has to take into account weather conditions as well as contractor availability. No one in their right mind would attempt to install an in-ground swimming pool in the middle of a New Jersey winter. But early fall or late spring may be doable. All you need is some planning and adaptability to have your project completed before or after the busy summer season.

Building Supplies

America has a capitalistic economy and that causes the cost of supplies, including building supplies to rise and fall with demand. Christmas merchandise such as decorations and greeting cards go on sale the day after Christmas. Building supplies such as lumber, drywall, paint, and other things are less costly when summer ends. Even if you must build during peak building times, planning ahead lets you decide when and if any supplies for your addition should be purchased. Just be sure to let all contractors who bid aware of what supplies you have stored so they can adjust their price.

When Should You Remodel?

The best time to remodel does vary by project and location. For instance, as described earlier, you wouldn’t want a pool built on your New Jersey property in winter. However, it may be a great time to have your unfinished basement or attic converted into finished space during a New Jersey winter. Want to build a deck? Hire a deck designer during the winter when his or her workload is slower, collect bids in late winter with a projected mid-spring start date.

By planning the timing of your home addition or renovation you won’t be disappointed by not being able to get the finishes you want, the textures, colors and other items that you have your heart set on. But, you will not be disappointed by schedule failures and you might save some money too.

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