Families consider adding on to or remodeling their homes for many different reasons, including:

Additional or Growing Children

When you have your first child, the existing structure is usually adequate. There are not that many one bedroom homes around so what was an extra bedroom easily becomes home to the new arrival. When one becomes two, or two becomes three or more, your home suddenly no longer “fits” you life style or the life style of growing children.

Younger siblings may have been fine with sharing a room, but the older they get, the more privacy becomes important and “I just want my own space” becomes the clarion call for adding a room or two. Teens especially want a “room of their own” and it’s now on you to accommodate their needs!

Aging Parents

It’s “role reversal time” and you are now responsible for the safety and security of Mom, Dad or some other loved one who should not or does not want to live on their own. Again, your home must nor rise to the challenge and it was probably never designed to handle the needs of an aging parent.Elderly people and physically or mentally handicapped people bring a whole new set of challenges to the project so you definitely need a bit more planning for this type of a home addition?

Do you need handicap accessible ramps? Bathrooms will need specially configured safety bars and different types of bathing equipment. You will definitely want separate access and a much higher degree of privacy than even your teen requires.

Home Office or Business

Dad or Mom or some other family members decides to work from home, the extra bedroom that was converted into space for an aging parent or teen-ager is no longer available so it may be time to expand once again. So your home does not look like a cobbled together mismatch of additions, it’s time to get out the planning board once again.

Where will the home office go? What are special needs this time? More than likely there will be needs for lots of electrical outlets and good lighting along with external access if you plan to entertain customers or guests.

As with any home addition, there may also be local building ordinances that dictate what you can and can’t do with your remodeling project.

A Hobby Wants its Own Space

Even if you are not considering making your hobby a business, you may want extra space to pursue your passion. If music is your thing, the requirements of a music studio bring more “new dimensions” to a remodeling project. You will want the best acoustics you can afford and more than likely will need a sound booth of some kind.

If art or writing is your passion and you want the look and feel of a studio, outside light is always a good idea and if available, skylights are a nice addition. If woodworking is the idea, then adequate power and dust control is a must. Nearly every hobby has its own challenges and you will likely find yourself spending many hours exploring how others have added room for their hobbies.

Family Dynamics Change

Even when you are not adding people, starting a home business or pursuing your passion, there are times when your existing home just doesn’t “feel right.” That great room with all its open space no longer works when people want a little more privacy for computers in the family room or gaming.

Or you may have the exact opposite dynamic – The individual rooms for dining, living and family activities might now be better served with one large room to handle stadium seating for all the teens coming in for the ball game.

As the dynamics of your family change, so will the way your home is designed and situated.  Growing families nearly always need additions and even shrinking families with “empty nests” will find different uses for bedrooms that are no longer needed!


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