If you’re considering making an addition to your home, you usually have two options available  – build out or build up. Though most people automatically consider adding on to their home, in many situations a second story addition can have much better benefits than other addition formats. Here are some benefits to consider when you’re planning out your home addition project.

Don’t have to move to gain desperately needed space

The purpose of any addition is to add more space to your home, but if you live on a small lot or can’t get a permit to build out because of easement or setback lines, building up is a great option. You gain additional space inside your home without having to go through the stress of going through the sale and purchase processes, packing, moving, changing schools and other moving-related tasks.

Save precious outdoor living space

Do you love hanging out in your garden or backyard? By bumping your home up instead of out, you’re not losing any of your yard and garden space. Though this is an especially helpful benefit if you already have put serious investment into your outdoor spaces, it’s also helpful if your home is on a smaller lot or your family regularly uses outdoor living spaces throughout your property. With the popularity of outdoor living spaces on the rise, this is a great option to retain a much of this space as possible.

Eliminate sprawl

When you build an addition out, whether it’s to the side or back of your existing home structure, you’re increasing the walk from one end of the house to the other. Building out allows you to keep your home’s vital spaces closer together, eliminating excessive travel time and effort from one part of your home to another.

Update the supporting floor’s architecture

Are you tired of the appearance of your downstairs? If your home’s existing wall structure won’t support a second floor yet, this is a great time to update your lower floor’s architecture to a style you really love. You’re also getting all the work done at once instead of having additional disturbances to your home and lifestyle over the years. If you do need to update your wall system, you can add in awesome architectural features such as beams or pillars.

Avoid additional foundation work if possible

Many foundations are created to bear much more weight than the home for which they’re planned. By having an architect or engineer look at your foundations, you may be able to avoid having only limited reinforcing foundation work or avoid additional foundation work all together. If you build an addition out, it’s going to require significant site work, foundation construction and similar expenses that you can avoid when building up.

Save money when expanding critical systems

When you build up, you’re creating a shorter distance to span for HVAC ductwork, plumbing, electrical service and communications lines. Building out means these systems have to stretch farther, making these critical systems’ expansions much more expensive than they need to be. This includes wireless services that would need a relay if you build out, such as a WiFi router or similar technologies.

Building an addition to your home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your yard, your wallet or your lifestyle. Though it takes a little more thought in planning traffic between the existing and added space, a second story addition is a great way to add space to your home in a way that makes sense to many home owners. For help planning your home’s addition or for additional information, please contact us. At Prime Draft Studio, our job is helping you make your existing home meet your needs more effectively.


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