Should You Buy The Starter Home Now And Add A Second Story Addition Later

photography by Lisa Russman

There are lots of options to consider when you’re adding a second story to your home that makes the process cost-effective and timely. It’s always worth exploring the ways in which you can work with what you have, reuse what’s in great condition, and still get the home of your dreams. Our happy clients have found joy with both a second story addition and when they went for the larger home right away. We can help you make an informed decision, too!

Adding a second story should start with the question, what exactly does my family need? Are you hoping for a new master suite? Do your growing teens need – a lot – of space to themselves? Will you need this space for one use now like more bedrooms and then another use later like crafting rooms or office space? Be sure you’re ready to make use of the long haul. Conversely, if you are considering a bigger home purchase right away, keep in mind that more space doesn’t automatically mean a better layout. The space your family is craving often looks like more open areas, flex space, or additional bedrooms. So a tip for you is if the big house you’re looking at doesn’t have the right number of bedrooms or an open floor plan you might end up doing some major construction anyway. We all know how those “honey-do” projects end up for later, right?

Get it done all at once! Yes, adding a second story is a project but the good news is these additions often go up in a matter of weeks or months depending on the square footage. Once it’s up you can either complete your design with paint, furniture, etc. right away or take your time going room by room. It’s a brand new space with absolutely no issues or problems so once it’s complete you can begin to enjoy it right away! For so many families, it is such a relief knowing there’s nothing else to cross off the to-do list.

Building up is also good news for you because that means you don’t need to deal with the foundation in most cases, which is often a high ticket item. You get the best of both worlds, have the charm of an older home with all the benefits of brand new materials you never have to worry about. Plus, you can make sure the overall look and feel of your home is a match for the design style of your neighborhood. You and all of your neighbors will really appreciate property value increasing in your community!

Buying a larger home right away could mean there are no major construction projects on the horizon. It also means you can thoughtfully plan your spaces in advance including furniture, appliances, and your overall flow of living. When you buy big you get that long-term satisfaction of knowing you’ll never run out of space which can offer peace of mind for a growing and busy family. You get the benefit of shopping around to identify the typical cost per square foot in your desired neighborhood. Buying your forever home at a competitive price is a real possibility in this case!

Though, the chance for higher ceilings, striking architectural features and installing energy-efficient windows that all match is a huge benefit that adding a second story could afford your family. So, once you ask yourself “what exactly does my family need?” You’ll be able to go through this article and establish your priorities helping you make the most informed decision you can feel confident in for a lifetime.

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