Timeless Architecture Styles That Can Benefit New Construction Homes

photography by Lisa Russman

Architecture is an ancient craft that uniquely blends aesthetics with functionality, evolving constantly and persistently as time marches on. In the current day, architecture is more diverse than it has ever been and more accessible as well. With that in mind, homeowners looking to construct their own home are now able to draw on centuries of style, history, and craft to create entirely unprecedented beauty and comfort in their new construction homes. While not all styles can translate to the modern age, there are some that are especially relevant in how they can impact new builds—think about how effective a house must have been designed to meet the needs of toddlers centuries before electricity was invented! Here are a few that aspiring custom homeowners should keep in mind:

1. Classical
No matter who you are or where you’re from, Classical architecture has undoubtedly made an impact on your life. Some of the most famous ancient structures in the world, like the Parthenon, proudly feature the very stylings that their creators designed thousands of years ago. Meanwhile, much more recent structures, like the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., or the Lincoln Monument, draw on Classical features to create a breathtaking emotional effect.

Classical features aren’t only for the monuments of the world, however. Classical style can be woven into current design trends to bestow an aura of timelessness that can indeed make a statement in your new home under construction. Classical features can invoke an austere, beautiful feeling without making your home seem inappropriate for a barbeque or football party.

2. Craftsman
The Craftsman style of architecture has been popular lately, and for good reason! While the Craftsman style reached its peak around the turn of the twentieth century, the features it brought into the public eye have never left the lexicon of American design. In recent years, many architects and home designers have drawn on Craftsman ideas for their new builds, invoking the natural beauty and hand-made appearance that the Craftsman style so perfectly embodies. Craftsman-style features such as large, covered front porches, low-pitched roofs, dormers, built-ins, and large fireplaces, can bring an airy, rural appeal to homes that will soothe even the most rambunctious of families with simple, homey comforts.

3. Victorian
While true Victorian-style homes have fallen out of popularity—largely because of their impractical, ornate flourishes—some of the features of the Victorian schools of design still have their place in today’s home designs. Elegant hallways with plenty of negative space, which can be filled with photographs or decorations if desired, dormer windows with wide sills, and spacious-but-cozy rooms are all features of the Victorian style that can add beauty and functionality to nearly any new construction home. If you grew up in a Victorian home, you might find yourself nostalgic for the way the interior seemed to beckon you from room to room, as if some new comfort awaited in each space. You might also find yourself off-put by the gaudiness of exterior, impracticality of flourish, and rigidity of layout of older Victorian homes. The good news is that you can pick and choose beautiful features from many styles of homes so you can integrate sentimental interiors without worrying that your house looks like Dracula’s second home.

One of the most important ideas to keep in mind while working on a new build is that you are not bound to a single architectural style. Families seeking custom homes today are the lucky beneficiaries of hundreds of years of architectural advancement and hundreds of years of fantastic historical documentation. With a little bit of research and insight, you can make a house for your family that truly is unique and timeless.

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