Architecturally Moving Home Designs for 2019

photography by Lisa Russman

You did it! You’ve saved your money, found good land, and connected with the right team of builders. You’re finally ready to make the house of your dreams a reality, and then you’re faced with a blank canvas. Sometimes, opportunity and complete freedom can be paralyzing (we’ve been there,) but there’s no time for indecision when you’re trying to design the home you’re going to live in with restless kids and hungry spouses. If you’re stumped about how to proceed with your home design, we’re here to help you out. Check out these stunning home designs for the new year!

1. Mediterranean Stylings
The Mediterranean style of home design has continually grown in popularity over the course of the last decade, and during that time, it has evolved into a truly rich and versatile style. Mediterranean style homes show off a relaxed and confident beauty that is both refreshing and inviting, drawing on concepts both classical and modern to create something truly yours. Mediterranean styles play very nice with open floor plans, which are in vogue for a good reason; open floor plans let you have space for friends, family, pets, and parties.

2. The Craftsman Style
Even the name “Craftsman” invokes a warm, storied feeling of trustworthiness and familiarity. This rising style aims to recreate the homey, cozy spirit of rural camp houses and lodges without the limitations of such older, country homes. Deftly blending rustic style with modern comforts, Craftsman style homes encourage togetherness, warmth, and family-focused layouts.

3. The “International” Style
Making the most of vertical space, International style homes spin the designs of traditional beach houses into something brighter, more modern, and much more accommodating to everyday life. International style homes welcome sunlight with broad windows and wide, open interiors. Instead of wasting horizontal space with attached garages, years of mounting toys, and tool boxes you’d never use anyway, International-style homes are raised above the ground with space beneath for parking, creating a clean and tidy look that also doubles as a safety feature.

4. Better Bathrooms
While our first three design ideas focused on the overall layout and design philosophies of your new home, this idea is smaller and more precise in scope. For years, a revolution in room layout has swept new homes all across the nation. New homes focus on clean, clear, and open layouts for nearly all living spaces, but bathroom design has remained comparatively static.

Going into 2019, home designers are turning their eyes to making comfortable, refreshing private spaces that more gracefully integrate with modern architecture. Spa-style tubs and waterfall showers are on the rise, as are broad mirrors and open floor space. Why leave a serene, roomy bedroom only to step into a stuffy, traditional bathroom? The bathroom is meant to be a place where Mom can focus on herself for a bit and Dad can hype himself up before the gym. Better bathrooms mean better lives.

Embrace space and think about how important breathing room is when you get home from work and are ready for a relaxing bath or some well-deserved beauty time. Our lives are busy, and we’re all learning the value of self-care. A well-designed bathroom can make a world of difference.

5. New Color Principles
When it comes to designing a home from the ground up, color is often the last detail you’ll think of. Depending on the layout of your home, though, color can be almost as important as the placement of windows. As more homeowners embraced spacious designs, experimentation was a must, and new, beautiful color concepts have risen to the top.

One breathtaking color concept on the up-and-up is the idea of a color “focus room.” Much like the idea of an “accent wall” (a wall which is drastically different in color than the other three walls,) a color focus room aims to set a space apart from the rest of the house stylistically. Whether it’s a den with darker colors to promote relaxation or a dining room with a splash of color for bright mornings and happy evenings, color focus rooms take the philosophy of color accents one step further.

With these home design ideas at the front of your mind, you’re ready to embark on one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have: Choosing the perfect home for you and your family.

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