Are You Ready for a New Exterior Home Design? Now You Can Have It!

photography by Lisa Russman

Does the outside of your home reflect your personality and style? Is it time to refresh your home’s exterior so that it matches the beautiful design you have created indoors? Whatever the reason, if your home needs a new look, a residential architect can help you choose from modern exterior home designs to find one that is perfect for you and your family.  

Exterior Home Design Styles and Updates
While a fresh coat of paint and new landscaping can undoubtedly improve your curb appeal, exterior remodels and renovations go beyond minor changes to give your home a whole new look and feel. Your renovation is a perfect time to take care of that decades-old leak that has mildewed your patio while also providing more natural light inside, and creating outdoor living areas for your whole family to enjoy.

Install New Siding
Give your home a whole new look by installing new siding over your existing facade. But don’t stop at just one type. You can use various materials or colors to accent different sections or architectural features of your home. Shingles or corrugated metal can call attention to eaves or dormers, while board-and-batten or fiber cement planks can create a durable, low-maintenance exterior that completely changes the look of the house.

Add a Porch
Front porches not only change the look of your home’s exterior but they also add outdoor living space. Consider adding a porch that extends around the side of your home to add curb appeal, plus a fun and functional space for the kids to explore and play or a quiet spot for mom to escape. When you add your new porch, consider updating your front door or redesigning your entryway to include a larger front walk, a more defined and welcoming entrance, or wider and safer stairs leading into your home.

Replace Your Windows or Roof
Adding new, larger windows can improve the natural light within your home while also changing the exterior design. A bay or picture window provides a new focal point for your exterior, and varying the shape of your windows can add interest and texture to your facade. Plus, new windows can reduce your energy use and lower your utility bills. 

Upgrading your roof is an easy and effective way to update the exterior design for small houses. While providing excellent protection for several decades to come, a new roof can also become an architectural detail for your home. Adding a metal roof, cedar shakes, a tile roof, or architectural shingles can help enhance the look of your home while adding durability to your exterior remodeling project. 

Install a Fence
If your kids or pets need more room to roam, adding a fence can not only give you peace of mind when they are outdoors, but it also revitalizes the exterior of your home. Fences are great for defining property boundaries or select areas of your yard, and they can add style and interest to your exterior. A fence not only updates your home’s look, but it also keeps your family (including all two- and four-legged members) safe and secure.  

Combine Small Changes for a Big Impact
If your budget or needs don’t call for substantial changes to your home’s exterior, even small projects can make a big difference. Replacing exterior lighting, shutters, landscaping, or trim colors are all small and inexpensive updates that also add new interest and detail to your facade.

Do I Need a Residential Architect?
If you are looking to completely overhaul your home’s exterior, add architectural details, add or change windows and doors, or alter entryways or access points, having a residential architect will help ensure that your project runs smoothly. When you work with a design professional, your exterior changes will complement and flow seamlessly with your interior design, too.

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