Breaking the NJ Architecture Rules with These Design Tips to Help Your Home Stand Out From the Pack

Photography by Lisa Russman

If you are building a new home, you want your house to meet your family’s needs, but does it also have to look like every other house on the block? New Jersey architects have lots of great ideas for creating a home for you that is functional as well as fun and shows off your style. While many NJ architecture professionals like following design rules, perhaps you are in the market for someone that enjoys breaking a few, too?

Design trends and rules are great for guiding and inspiring you, but who says inspiration must come from other houses? Or that you can’t be a leader in design instead of always a follower? When choosing from the many architectural firms in New Jersey to design your home, consider looking for one that will give you a design that stands out from the crowd. 

Experiment with Interesting Angles
Some of the most exciting and forward-thinking designs for homes today include a focus on geometry and the use of interesting angles never before seen in residential architecture. Who says a house should be a rectangle or square? Using curved or angled walls allows you to take advantage of the natural surroundings, exploit natural light, and provide privacy to different areas of your home. Plus, funky angles make for exciting indoor spaces that delight kids and adults alike. 

Embrace Bold Colors
Color can transform the look and feel of your home dramatically, but most people shy away from using bold colors on the exterior of their home. Using bold colors, though, doesn’t have to be a risky move if done well. Small houses, for example, can take a bright or vibrant color without becoming overwhelming. Using vivid tints on the trim or to accent a particular architectural design is also a great option. Paint doesn’t have to be scary, and your house does not have to resemble a crayon box for it to stand out. Color can be used to add drama and sophistication for any home’s exterior. 

Use Recycled Materials
Homebuilding has expanded a great deal when it comes to materials as well, as more people are interested in sustainability and choosing local materials whenever possible. Using recycled materials allows you to build a new home with a smaller carbon footprint, and when you reuse construction materials, you can create interesting design elements that catch people’s attention. From reusing timbers to repurposing doors and windows to using new materials made from recycled plastics, rubber, or concrete, you have a wide variety of options from which to choose, and NJ architecture pros can help you make the best choices. 

Create a Healthier, More Efficient Home
When you are considering home designs, the health and welfare of your family should be  priority number one. Things like air quality, the safety of various materials in your home, and the use of chemicals in its construction should not be an afterthought. More homeowners are considering green building options, more natural materials, and water and air filtration needs and including these as part of their home designs. 

Energy efficiency is also more critical than ever before, as fuel costs rise and greenhouse emissions continue to damage the planet. Home designs that take advantage of larger windows to capture more natural warmth can create a bold statement while reducing heating bills. Homes with living roofs are also starting to pop up, providing insulation as well as design interest. Including solar panels and other forms of energy production also helps your home become less dependent on the electrical grid. 

If you are interested in designing a home that combines health, style, function, and flair, you have many NJ architecture professionals from which to choose. Unconventional design doesn’t have to be just for the uber-rich, and your next home could become the inspiration for your block.

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