Farmhouse Architecture and Interior Design- What You Need To Know To Achieve the Look You LoveThe modern farmhouse look has become quite trendy in the past several years, and while this style of design can have many variations, there are generally some key features that distinguish this from other forms of architecture and interior design. If you are remodeling or building a new home and want to achieve this new take on a classic look, then here’s everything you need to know. 

Architectural Design for Today’s Farmhouse Look

Among the architectural elements that are most commonly associated with the modern farmhouse, the gable roof is by far the most ubiquitous component. Unlike the hip roofs of many suburban homes, the gable roof has two sloping sides, often with a steep pitch that creates a 45-degree angle where they meet. Gables give your home height and drama, and when they are covered in metal roofing materials, as many modern farmhouses are, it is a dramatic effect. 

Tall, double-hung windows allow every room to enjoy plenty of natural light while still being reminiscent of your grandmother’s old house. The most common exterior choices for farmhouse design are board and batten or lap. With modern materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, and engineered wood, your options for colors and textures means you can customize your home’s exterior and stand out among the neighbors.

No farmhouse design would be complete without a porch. Front porches, back patios, and wrap-around verandas are all worthy options to complete the exterior design of your farmhouse. Be sure to hang a porch swing and create cozy, outdoor living spaces to ensure the entire family will be able to enjoy this impressive and functional part of your home. 

Interior Architecture Options for your Farmhouse Family

The farmhouse design has risen in popularity, in part because the style is more relaxed, family-focused, and embracing the chaos of daily life, much like today’s families. Entering into a house of this design feels warm and welcoming, and living inside allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the simple moments together. 

Layouts for a modern farmhouse generally revolve around the kitchen and eating spaces, with a great room design that can be customized to fit your needs. Because you want to take advantage of the natural light and outdoor spaces, as well, cozy nooks outside and large doors that lead to the porch are also common. 

The biggest draw for both the architecture and interior design of today’s farmhouses is that they are built for practicality, and choices are made based on function and usage, not just aesthetics. Furniture is comfortable and meant to welcome visitors, not leave people wondering if it’s okay to sit. Materials are natural and durable, meaning they can withstand whatever the kids or the furry family members can dish out.

But this form of architectural design isn’t stuffy, which means furniture doesn’t all have to match, you can choose different materials to define specific spaces, and everything is created to help all who enter feel at home. You can personalize your modern farmhouse with the vibe that speaks to you, including details that recall the Great Plains, a beautiful vineyard, or your ancestral home. 

Architectural Design that Combines The Best of Both Worlds 

The attractiveness of the modern farmhouse style is a story in combining opposites in subtle but effective ways. These homes offer the chance to integrate airy and dense, old and new, light and dark, natural and man-made. Those with minimalist leanings as well as anyone with a more traditional sensibility can find a way to bring different design elements together to create something they will love.

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