Here's How Residential Architects Can Keep Construction Planning User-Friendly

photography by Lisa Russman

As soon as you tell people you are planning to build a new home or start a major residential construction project, what’s the first thing they do? They will likely tell you some horror story about how badly their last construction project went, right?

We’ve all heard the nightmare tales, it’s true. But, it doesn’t have to be that way—honest! Residential architects are the right professionals for helping you keep your construction planning process from turning into your next dinner-party story. Here’s how:

Residential architecture design starts with listening
Your home-construction project can only be successful when your planning includes open lines of communication with your residential architect. It’s crucial that you find an architect who listens and delves into your needs, ensuring that your home’s design will uniquely and thoughtfully embrace your family’s rhythm and needs for today as well as the future.

Your custom residential architect should understand your site requirements, provide you with options and ideas based on your aspirations and needs, and answer all your questions, so there are no surprises along the way. This includes asking your architect to explain unfamiliar terms and use language you understand so that your expectations are aligned with theirs throughout the process. Only when the process is clear and transparent will you feel in control of construction planning.

Relationships are important
If you want a user-friendly planning process for your next construction project, then it is essential to establish a good rapport with your residential architect. If you are going to work successfully with the design team, then you need to trust that they are honest and genuine in all they do for you.

With trust, you’ll feel comfortable asking questions, raising concerns, and offering your opinions, which means your residential architecture design will reflect what you want and need from your home, not what someone else thinks you need. Knowing your custom residential architect is on your side and willing to help you attain your vision of the perfect home leaves you sleeping better at night before, during, and after the construction process.

Knowledge is power
Your dream home may require the knowledge of others, too. Make sure your residential architect has strong relationships with experts in structural and mechanical engineering as well as plumbing and electrical designs to offer advice on your most difficult design challenges. Your architect should also check that your construction project meets all necessary safety, fire, and health codes and obtain the required building permits for your home.

Design and planning of your home-construction project require a lot of moving parts to work together seamlessly. Residential architects are experts in juggling all these details, from design through construction. The relationship between your architect and contractor will be crucial throughout the build process. Meet with both of these people regularly to stay on top of any details you should be handling throughout the construction of your home, and rely on their advice and guidance.

Ensuring a user-friendly planning process
If you want to be the envy of all those friends with construction nightmare stories, then your first decision in the construction planning process is to find an architect who understands what’s at the heart of your family. Make sure you come prepared with your ideas and list of needs, and that, throughout the process, you are communicating openly with your design team.

Remember that even the best residential architect isn’t a mind reader, so be sure you are speaking honestly to avoid frustrations in the planning process. No large-scale project goes off without some glitches, but when you know your residential architect is on your side and embraces challenges, you’ll be confident that there’s nothing you can’t handle together.

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