How to Stay Sane While Your New-Construction Home Is on the Way

photography by Lisa Russman

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably come to understand that the term “growing pains” can mean a lot for a family. As children grow from shared-space-loving kids to quiet-space-addicted teens, the demands of our living places change. For this reason, more and more families are choosing new-construction homes, which can match the needs of a growing family, unlike any pre-owned house. Like any good project, new builds take time, but with an antsy family in need of space, time can be one of the scarcest resources around. Here’s how to keep the whole family at peace until your new, happy home is complete:

1. Tap into unused vacations
Let’s face it: Between the kids’ school schedules, holidays, and work commitments, it’s a pretty common occurrence that we save up more vacation time than we probably should. The perfect time to use it is while you’re waiting for work to finish on your home under construction. Vacations, of course, are refreshing and fun, but the feeling you get when you all get home can be just as good. Time away from the house can make it so the everyday details of your life become totally renewed, and that sets the stage perfectly for getting settled into your comfy, new home.

2. Don’t obsess over the details
While it might seem easier said than done, being careful to avoid dwelling on the details once your new-construction home is on the way can really make a big difference. It’s easy to let our thoughts get away from us with the excitement and worries that come with moving—as if our thoughts weren’t racing enough already! Remind yourself to take it easy. After all, you already did the planning, hired the professionals, and settled on a final design. Trust yourself and trust the professionals you’ve brought on. They’ll take good care of your home, and you’ll get the peace of mind that you deserve.

3. Focus on the exciting future
If everyone in the family is starting to get restless, just remember how important perspective is. It can be far too easy to get frustrated with the lack of space or features about your old home that you don’t like, especially when waiting on new builds. The positives of your new-construction home, though, can be the fuel for good moods and general agreeableness all around. Family time is always good, and it can provide an opportunity to guide the family to think about the good stuff that’s waiting for everyone in the new home.

4. Organize in advance
Moving to a new home is always a process of compression and decompression, and both processes can be severely complicated by a lack of organization. One of the best things you can do to keep yourself grounded while you’re waiting for construction to be completed on your new home is to organize your move well in advance. Everything from packing non-essentials—like the paintball guns you bought during that fad—to deciding which rooms will get packed up first when moving day comes, can keep you happily busy while making the transition into your new home and will make the process smoother than you could imagine. Newly built homes are always worth the wait, and any organizational steps you take to smooth out the process will make it the move so much easier.

Keeping the collective head of your family screwed on tight while waiting for a brand-new building to be constructed isn’t the easiest of tasks, but it’s by no means impossible. Keep your eyes on the goal, and you’ll find yourself happily settled into a perfect homemade just for you in no time.

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