Ready for Some Kid-Approved Ideas for Room Additions We’ve Got Them!Adding on to your home is a significant investment. As a homeowner, you need to consider if your home addition plans will add value to your property. But, another crucial factor to consider is if your room addition will be valuable to your family. Is your new space creating areas that everyone will love? Sure, a new bathroom would be super helpful during that early morning crunch to get everyone to the bus, but what kinds of spaces would your kids really enjoy having?

Room Addition Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Room additions can serve lots of purposes, so how about one that is specifically geared toward your growing family? For starters, you and your kids can enjoy a game room together. Having a space to play electronic games, board games, pool, or other activities is an excellent idea for young and old. Game rooms do not need anything special in terms of the construction, and you can change the contents as your family grows and interests change. Include storage for board games, an entertainment center or computer station, plus comfortable seating, and you are ready to play! If you build it like an extra bedroom, you have increased the value of your home for future buyers, too. 

Younger kids would love to have an indoor adventure space for play. Creating a playroom for your small ones gives them room to be creative that does not interfere with the rest of the family space. And a place all their own means they can decide how to express themselves through their imaginations. Include extensive built-ins to wrangle the clutter and turn your playroom into a flexible space when guests come over. A Murphy bed is perfect for this type of area, which can double as a guest room from time to time.

Are your kids into hobbies? Or do they play musical instruments? Why not give them a room for their pastimes? Some hobbies require a lot of gear or equipment that you do not want taking up space in shared areas. Musicians will appreciate a room where they can practice without disturbing the whole house and a place to store their instruments. And the rest of the family will appreciate any soundproofing you install!

Why not think outside the box (literally) and add an outdoor living area to your home for the whole family to enjoy? While technically not an addition, outdoor living spaces do add livable square footage to a house and are becoming more sought after by buyers. Give the kids something they will love, like a treehouse, playhouse, or play area, and include a fire pit and outdoor kitchen for the whole family to enjoy. 

Finally, if your kids are getting a little older, what they really want is a space to hang out with their friends, watch movies, and chill. Adding a teen space as a room addition can be as simple as finishing your existing basement, but you could also add a room over your garage or build an outdoor studio or shed in your yard. Once your kids are gone from the house, these spaces can turn into places for your personal hobbies, guest quarters, or even a room to rent to tenants or travelers. 

Do Your Home Addition Plans Meet the “Kid” Test?

Remember: room additions do not have to be dull and stodgy, so get creative when considering home addition ideas. Ask your kids what kinds of spaces would make their lives better and be willing to hear what they have to say. After all, they live there, too!

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