Why Newly Built, Custom Homes Can Change Your Mind on What a House Can Be

photography by Lisa Russman

Every day you’re reminded you need more space in your home, as you bump elbows with hubby in the kitchen, crack goes another egg. Don’t forget the maddening daily hunt for your kid’s favorite toys because there’s not enough storage! And the list goes on. Needless to say, you’re thinking about expanding and we’re here to show you how second-story additions are more cost-effective than you think!

Customization & Increased Value

Just think, moving your entire herd – kids, pets, holiday totes from the garage – to a bigger home where you’ll probably need to make some changes. The thought is tiring enough, right? You don’t need a bigger home, you need a custom second story addition where you can design it based on your current family structure and future needs! 

The customizations are limitless. You can really dig into your aesthetic as well as your family’s spatial needs by custom-crafting your addition. As your family grows you might be craving natural sunlight to brighten your space. Consider implementing dormers into your second story addition so your kid’s playroom can be light and bright! It also means your second story isn’t a plain rectangle box. Your curb appeal goes way up as your home’s height is doubled with interesting pitched angles. Other fun ways to boost your curb appeal include overhangs, balconies, and refined trim details. 

In the end, having a brand new, fully waterproofed roof also means bonus savings for you in the way of energy efficiency. You can additionally install new HVAC units in your second story addition which is far more efficient than splitting your current unit to now have to cover double the square footage. Plus, the value you’ll be adding to your home increases as you add lots more square footage of livable space.

When you get down to it, you’re creating a custom home without the costs and the timeline of starting from scratch.

As Compared to Moving

If you were to compare to the cost of moving you have to start with the finances and end with the most important factor, your well being. There’s the cost of materials to box and bag up everything you and your family own. Then hire a moving company or rental moving truck. Then add up the time you spend packing. Don’t forget you have to plan to keep certain items out, clothes for the kids, toys, dog food, snacks, etc. 

Before you arrive at your new home you need to coordinate and hire a team to make any changes to the new space that your family needs. When all is said and done, you’re spending a lot of time, money, and energy on a new home but not on a custom home that you have personally designed. Don’t step into someone else’s dream when you can have upstairs be a spitting image of what you’ve had in mind for – let’s face it – quite some time. 

Save on Other Renovation Projects

We saved the best for last! You can also plan on tackling first floor renovations like taking walls down from old bedrooms to make a large den. Or blow out the dining room to create that chef’s kitchen of your dreams. Once you already have a team of architects, engineers, and contractors on-site, it actually costs less to undertake your list of projects. The labor and materials costs are already being accounted for, so adding to the budget versus having to start from scratch is a great cost-saving. 

Think about it, your second story is likely being built to house extra bedrooms including an exquisite master bedroom. So now, the first story can be opened up with endless possibilities for how you want to re-work the flow of your home. Consider renewing the paint or siding on your home to ensure the outside is updated, free of leaks/cracks, and that your second story addition matches your first. 

We hope to have pleasantly surprised you with the real cost-savings that a second story addition can bring to you and your growing family!

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