We Uncover The Best Room Additions to Add Value and Livability to Your Home

Photography by Lisa Russman

Our lives are always changing, and sometimes, our homes need to change with us to make them more livable. So, which room additions are going to give you the most bang for your buck? And what home addition ideas can increase your home’s value while also giving you the square footage you need? While you have many options when choosing home addition plans, not all will be a good investment for your family. Here are the best room additions to add value and livability to your home. 

Add a Bathroom
In terms of livability and value, adding a bathroom is often your best choice. If you don’t have enough bathrooms in your home, it can significantly influence your resale value, and no one likes to be the one standing on the other side of a locked bathroom door. 

You can sometimes find the space you need for an additional bathroom by “stealing” from other parts of the home, but adding a new room or bumping out an existing one to gain square footage is also an option. A full-size bathroom with a tub can add at least 35 square feet to your home, but imagine the peace and comfort that space will bring to you and your family!

Adding a bathroom will vary widely in costs depending on your materials, the size, whether you need to pour any additional foundation, and a number of other factors, but you can expect to recoup the majority of these in the increased value of your home later one. Talk with your residential architect about your options for adding one to your home. 

Expand the Master Suite
If your home is older or does not include a master suite, then adding on to this part of your home could not only increase your home’s value but also allow you to create the serene getaway you crave. Master suites were not standard in previous decades, but new home buyers expect large closets, ensuite facilities, and plenty of room in their primary bedroom. 

If you are just adding to the bedroom, a master suite expansion can be relatively inexpensive. If you start adding or moving a bathroom, prices can start to rise. But often, just bumping out one wall a few feet and rearranging the space inside is enough to give you the luxurious master suite you long for. 

Extend Your Kitchen
When it comes to your return on investment, it’s hard to go wrong with a kitchen expansion. As the hub of any family home, the kitchen is used daily and becomes the gathering spot for everyone, even the family pet. When your kitchen is small or lacks sufficient storage or counter space, it affects the livability of your home every day. By extending your kitchen, you not only increase your enjoyment and the usability of this room, but future buyers will appreciate it as well. 

Depending on the state of your current kitchen and the size of the expansion, costs for a kitchen upgrade can vary widely. Costs for building a 200 square foot addition that is to be all kitchen  can range from $100,000 to $200,000+, but the good news is that investment will also increase your home’s value significantly if you make smart choices. Gutting an existing kitchen and renovating the space into a new kitchen is a great way to increase home value. It also responds to the way families live today; what was a space meant for one person a hundred years ago is now meant for multiple cooks and their family and friends to hang out. The cost to renovate a kitchen in its current footprint is usually around 10% of what the house would list at in the market. Working with a residential architect will help you make the best choices for your family as well as for the lasting value of your home. 

Make the Right Choice for You
Understanding which room additions can improve your home’s resale value is essential, but if you plan to stay in your home for some time, it is more vital that you make decisions based on your family’s needs, because livability has value, as well. A residential architect can advise you on all your options for home addition plans that give you the square footage you need while also protecting your investment.

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